Micaela Greg has it's roots as a knitwear focused womenswear brand that has continually evolved into a collection of intentional ready-to-wear pieces. The collection is comprised of highly textural knits paired with thoughtfully designed wovens. The brand has continued to explore the balance between craftsmanship and utility. The belief that curating a wardrobe of timeless, made to last pieces that can be rediscovered season after season is a key element in the brands culture. Natural material choices along with a dedication to sustainable production practices are crucial elements that guide each design. 



Micaela Greg believes in slowing down the pace of consumption and working towards building a wardrobe of timeless pieces. We focus on selecting natural materials that are renewable, biodegradable and long-lasting. Our materials are easily regenerative including Cotton, Cotton Linen, Alpaca and Wool. 90% of our denims are deadstock fabrics sourced locally in California. We also use GOTS certified dyes to keep our fabrics safe for the wearer and for the environment.



Our knitwear is produced in the USA and Peru. The pieces made in the USA are constructed of the finest quality Italian yarns and locally sourced trims. Our women-run and owned workshop in Peru utilizes locally sourced materials such as Alpaca and Pima Cotton yarns. In both manufacturing processes there is an importance placed on working with skilled artisans to draw on their expertise while supporting local industries.

Our wovens are produced in the USA and India. Our garments that are made in the USA are produced close to home and the materials are sourced most often from deadstock fabrics. The pieces produced in India are highly specialized and showcase the talents of the textile industry in the region.



Our studio is located in Alameda, CA and is crucial to every step of the design and production process. All aspect of our process from initial sketching, swatch and prototype development finds its home in the studio.  

If you would like to shop the collection in person - please email us at care@micaelagreg.com to set up an appointment.